[WWDC 2019] Apple’s Got Fresh Kits For Everyone

Apple is making developing Apple apps much easier for developers with SwiftUI, ARKit, Reality Kit, CoreML, CreateML, and Apple ID.

[MWC 2019] Nubia Launches of Nubia-α – Putting Your Phone on Your Wrist

Nubia-α is Nubia’s latest innovation to be showcased in the MWC 2019 floor. It is a smartphone in the guise of a smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch In-depth Review: Versatile, Stable and Here to Spoil You

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most feature packed wearables to date. How does it fair? Is it worth your hard earned money? Find out.

Huawei Soulmates: The Perfect Life Companions

The Huawei Mate series are the perfect companion life. The Mate 20 Pro, the Watch GT and Matebook are the perfect devices for work and play.

Apple Watch Series 4 is Here!

The Apple Watch has gone through three generations. Three! That also means two redesigns and evolution. When the first Apple Watch was launched the platform was limited. It does more than that though. It opened a gate of possibilities too;…

[techENT Download Ep. 9 Pt. II] Samsung Unpacked 2018

Samsung Unpacked has come and gone for the 2018 season. Samsung Unpacked 2018 showcased the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in all its glory. The S Pen is improved, the battery is bigger, and it comes with AKG tuned audio. It…

The Armani Exchange AXT1023 Hybrid Smartwatch In-Depth Review – More Than Meets The Eye

Smart wear is all the rage these days. No, not dressing up in suits, slacks and tie. Not even an iron pressed shirt paired with a nice jeans. Not those sorts. The smart wear we are talking about are things…

WWDC 2017 – 8 Important Things to Know From Apple’s Special Keynote

Apple just had their WorldWide Developers Congress (WWDC) 2017 just last night (well this morning if you are that technical; 1.00 a.m. Malaysian +0800 GMT to be specific). Usually in one of these WWDC keynotes, Apple would be introducing a…

24 hours with the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier: The Smartwatch that changed my stand on Smartwatches

  For the longest time, the other managing editor of this site have been going on and on about his Android Wear powered smartwatch and how it is so good and mighty; how it basically trumps everything in the market,…

iflix Now Streaming in Maldives!

iflix, if you have not known yet is a Malaysian based video streaming service that is very much like Netflix. Initially iflix was set up to fill up the supply gap before Netflix came into the region. It has become…