[MWC 2019] HMD Global Brings back the Nokia 210

HMD Global continues its foray into the feature phone market with a new contender: the Nokia 210.

[MWC 2019]HMD Global Refreshes Entry and Mid Range Devices with Nokia 3.2, 4.2 and 1 Plus

HMD Global reveals their new entry level line up bolstering the current Nokia line up with more affordable and feature packed options.

[MWC 2019] Four Isn’t Enough. Nokia 9 PureView Comes with 5!

HMD Global launches the first PureView smartphone in a long time with the Nokia 9 PureView. Coming with the first Quintuple Camera array with 5 ZEISS lenses.

2 Day Battery Life & a 6.0-inch Display with the Nokia 3.1 Plus

HMD Global turns up the heat in the affordable smartphone marketspace with the new Nokia 3.1 Plus.

HMD Global Unleashes the Nokia 8.1 in Malaysia

HMD has been hard at work putting once well known Nokia back on the smartphone map. Throughout 2018, they’ve released over 15 devices which have mesmerized the world with not only nostalgia, but value for money. Covering the whole spectrum…

Nokia 7 Plus & 6.1 Plus Get A Taste of Android Pie

HMD Global is keeping to its word to deliver Android updates to their Android One line up. The first phone to get the update is their Nokia 7 Plus which runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. While the rollout…

We’re Going Hands On with the Nokia 6.1 Plus!

HMD Global officially launched the Nokia 6.1 Plus in Malaysia. The new smartphone comes with a Snapdragon 636 processor with 64GB on board storage and 4GB of RAM. The phone will be launching in mid October and will cost RM1,149.…

First Hands On with the Nokia 5.1 Plus

HMD Global officially launched the Nokia 5.1 Plus in Malaysia. The new smartphone comes with a Helios P60 processor and 32GB on board storage and 3GB of RAM. The phone will be launching in mid October with the price being…

Nokia’s Plus Duo Makes Malaysian Debut

Rarely have we seen a brand come back into the market with as much gusto as we have with Nokia. The mobile phone brand spent the better part of the past decade in cold storage thanks to a few ill…

Nokia 1 & Nokia 7 Plus Enter the Malaysian Market

The Nokia brand is no stranger to anybody. In the past year, the brand has seen a resurgence thanks to the valiant efforts of HMD Global. Last year, the brand saw a return to the limelight with the launch of…