YouTube app gets Material Design

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  1. wwwarea says:

    To be honest, I liked the old one better. It was perfect: Not too flat, not too 3D (Bubble like style).
    Material Design isn’t supposed to be flat, it’s mainly about adding shadows back, at least a little bit. On this, it looks nothing like the horrible flat trend all over again.

    No offense to flat lovers, many people hate the flat I think and I think Google needs to be more away the flat but not too much. Or at least give out options for both.
    The only thing I like is the colors but I wish they made it less eye soaring for me as it’s unnaturally missing the shadings.

    On another note, I can’t seem to search content inside Youtube channels. 🙁

    -Just my thoughts, I’m just not a fan of this because it feels like a limited trend to me.

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