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Unboxing the SOUL Run Free Pro Bio

You know what comes with the new year? A New Year Resolution of course! We did ours and one of them was to start exercising more and lose some weight, to get in shape. One of the things that we wanted to do more of was running.

Running may sound simple; not to mention cheap. But it is not as simple as just picking up a running shoe and go out of your home to start running. It is more than that.

You have to pick the right shoes that fits, first of all. With the wrong shoes you risk injuring yourself. That is not the risk you want to take especially if it involves your legs; our legs are very important.

Once you get the right shoes, you are good to go. Well, hold up. You are still not ready. Running may sound like a simple task to do that we learnt when we were just babies. But there is a method to running. But how do we know whether we are doing it correctly when we do not have a coach to guide us?

Check out the SOUL Run Free Pro Bio then. The MYR699 price tag might sound a little steep if you are just looking for a regular wireless earphone for your running needs. This is a little different though. It actually packs an A.I. coach that tells you of the correct posture while your run. That way you risk injuring yourself less and get the most out of your run.

Thanks to 11Street we got our hands on one to help us with our running routine and lose some weight. What is in the box? Why not check it out with us?

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