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DJI Phantom 4 Unboxing – techENT

We had DJI’s (at that time) most advanced drone, the Phantom 4 in the office the other day. What do we do before we play with it? We opened the box of course. Inside the box you get the drone, not attached to the 5350mAh battery included in the package. There are also two sets of propeller blades with a soft carrying case for them. Of course, you cannot use the Phantom 4 without the iconic white remote controller that has a phone/tablet dock on it. To pair your remote control to your preferred monitoring device, you get a USB to Micro USB cable. To charge both, the remote control and the drone battery, there is a dual outlet power cable and adapter as well from the box. Oh, and do not forget to study the documentation that comes with the Phantom 4 as well.#w

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