Canon EOS R In-Depth Review – Trust Your Eyes

Canon launched their high-end mirrorless camera with Full-Frame Sensor toward the end of last year. Is the 30.3-Megapixel shooter any good?

Canon EOS RP is here! Lookout, Sony!

Canon launched their EOS R mirrorless camera last year. This year though they launched the EOS RP compact full-frame camera.

Canon EOS R: Mirrorless Just Got Bigger

First, before you read on; let us explain the title. What we mean by mirrorless getting bigger here is not just about size. It is about the industry as well. There used to be only one manufacturer that makes a…

Apple iPhone XS and XS Max: The most Advanced and Biggest iPhones ever

Last year we saw the big silvery brand from Cupertino launch two brand new iPhones; the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus was supposed to replace the aging iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It…

Meet The Sony RX0 – Super Power in an Ultra-Compact Body

Cameras have come a long way since its inception. This one device that captures imaginations and sweet memories all over the world also has gone through many changes and seen many variants of itself being innovated from all over the…