[Apple Keynote 2019] The New Apple iPad Now Only MYR 1,449!

The Apple iPad has been considered by many to be the tablet to be beaten. It is, in fact, one of the best selling tablets in the world – no doubt about that. There is little wonder to why that…

5 Things FaceApp’s Privacy Scare Teaches Us About Digital Hygiene

Last week, everyone was posting pictures of themselves aged – even the cast of the Avengers. However, following the sudden surge of popularity, FaceApp found itself in the middle of a data security controversy brought on by a single Tweet…

[WWDC 2019] Apple’s Got Fresh Kits For Everyone

Apple is making developing Apple apps much easier for developers with SwiftUI, ARKit, Reality Kit, CoreML, CreateML, and Apple ID.

[WWDC 2019] What In the World is an iPadOS? Oh, hello Catalina.

Apple just wrapped up their WWDC 2019 with new iOS 13, WatchOS 6, iPadOS, tvOS, and even a new MacOS Catalina. Available for developers now.

Huawei VS U.S.A. Debacle 4 – Replacing Android with Hongmeng OS

Huawei unveiled their Hongmeng OS in light of the US ban. The Hongmeng OS will be a replacement for Android supplied by Google.

Homage: Getting Care Made Easy

Looking for the right caretaker for your elderly shouldn’t be a hassle. Homage enters the arena to help bridge that gap with their app.

DJI OSMO Pocket Brings Movie Making Potential in a Small Package

DJI is at it again! This time, the company is introducing a new device into its OSMO line up. The OSMO line up has become synonymous with on-the-go video shooting and multi-axes stabilisation. The new addition to the OSMO line…

More Rewards and Easier Than Ever with Hotlink

Prepaid mobile numbers, contrary to popular believe, is still a very big thing in Malaysia. It is not only a thing for youths too; working adults and the elderly also use them quite extensively. In fact, I am one of…

Google Cafe: Cool Tools 4 Skool with TAR UC

  This article was originally written on our sister site thepkg.life Ah, uni life; how I missed it. It may be one of the most influential times of any persons. It is, in a way the place where you decide…

[WWDC 2018] Apple Introduces iOS 12

The world watches on as Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook takes the center stage in California. It is the WorldWide Developer’s Congress (WWDC) 2018 edition, and expectations are sky-high. Every year Apple brings new announcements and big news in WWDC. It…