GrabPay for Your SOCAR today!

You can now pay for your SOCAR bookings with Grab’s GrabPay eWallet directly from within the SOCAR app and earn more GrabRewards points.

5 Ideas For Fathers’ Day – Recommended from the Daddies at Grab

This article is contributed from the Daddies over at Grab Malaysia   Father’s Day is fast approaching us, and we know the struggle of getting the right gift for Dad to let him know how truly appreciated he is. Instead…

5 Ways To Live Like a Boss Without Cash

Forgetting your wallet is not a terrible thing anymore. Smartphones and eWallets today is the way to go cashless like a boss.

Not Ready for Chinese New Year? Do Not Worry, These 5 Things on Your Smartphone Will Save You!

Chinese New Year is always a time of celebration. What if you are not prepared though? These are 5 things you need for the 11th hour.

Grab GrabPlatfom Means New Grab Superapp

So the new GrabPlatform has been announced. In that announcement earlier, here we mentioned also that there is a brand new Grab app. Well, when we say new we do not mean brand new app that you have to separately…

Grab’s GrabPlatform Open for Business!

Grab has surpassed their new milestone today! They have passed the 2 billion rides mark now in South East Asia. Big deal? Yes it is a big deal when it only took them nine months from when they passed their…

GrabPay Not So Leceh with Credits

Today marks another step for Grab in the app market space. It is Grab’s new evolution if you might, another step in their master plan of becoming South East Asia’s leading online services platform. Accordingly as well, Grab’s launch today…

Cracking the Customer Loyalty Code in a Mobile-first World

This article is contributed by Jason Thompson, Managing Director, GrabPay Southeast Asia Imagine you were a small business owner selling coffee at an office building with thousands of employees. Day in, day out, they get their morning coffee or afternoon…