24 Hours with the FitBit Versa Lite: Patience is a Versa

There are not many smartwatches that catches my attention personally. Mostly because smartwatches are not like regular watches that require some fine handiwork and craftsmanship. They are built with precision tools in a factory. They are built like smartphones –…

Psoriasis Patients Rejoice! There’s an App to Monitor Your Condition!

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects approximately 125 million people worldwide. Over 12,000 of these cases being reported in Malaysia alone. The condition is characterised by red, inflamed patches covered in thick silvery scales; dry, cracked skin and thickened,…

FaceApp Could Be Invading Your Privacy! Here’s What You Need Know.

FaceApp is creating a storm on social media again. Just this past week everyone and their mothers uploaded an artificially aged picture of themselves. So why is the app creating a social media storm aside from showing you how you…

Decluttering your business travels

SAP Concur is the perfect solution for business travellers with all necessary information accessible from a single app on your smartphone.

foodpanda Extends its Reach to Six More Cities

The food delivery industry has grown to be a huge thing in Klang Valley at least. Of course, with all the hustle and bustle of city life you can be forgiven for being lazy once in a while when it…

[WWDC 2019] Apple’s Got Fresh Kits For Everyone

Apple is making developing Apple apps much easier for developers with SwiftUI, ARKit, Reality Kit, CoreML, CreateML, and Apple ID.

Huawei VS U.S.A. Debacle 4 – Replacing Android with Hongmeng OS

Huawei unveiled their Hongmeng OS in light of the US ban. The Hongmeng OS will be a replacement for Android supplied by Google.

Cashless Raya with PrestoPay

PrestoPay crowds up the eWallet marketspace in Malaysia with their first truly cashless bazaar in Quill CIty Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Boost Super Shake and Win a Proton X70!

Boost goes Ramadan mode with Super Shake! Up to eight Proton X70 cars are up for grabs in Boost Super Shake campaign 29 April to 18 August.

No RFID? No Problem, just Touch n’ Go PayDirect It!

The Touch n’ Go eWallet app not only allows you to add cards. You can also pay your toll fees using the eWallet via your cards too!