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Samsung #mysterygiftbox Unboxing – techENT

Samsung dropped a package on our doorstep today to celebrate Samsung’s Unpacked event happening later simultaneously in New York, London, and Rio de Janeirio. Join us as we unbox the mystery gift box Samsung has provided us. Samsung’s Unpacked event will reveal the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. At 11.00 p.m. today (2nd August, 2016) will be showing the Unpacked live stream.

If you have not already kept yourself updates on what to expect in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 you can read all about it here and here. Too much to read? Watch the video here instead. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be Samsung’s latest flagship in the phablet segment. It is expected to come with an Iris detector among other improvements. The Note lineage in Samsung’s product stable has also been one of the most iconic device in the industry revolutionising the way we interact with our smartphones. The S Pen has been the Galaxy Note’s signature and has been improved over the years to be more intuitive and responsive; all to make the S Pen more than just a stylus, an attempt to make an actual tool for our daily use.

We will be watching the Unpacked event with Samsung’s mystery gift box tonight. Will you be watching Samsung Unpacked later today? How will you be watching the reveal of a new icon later today?

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