Samsung Continues Making Fun of Apple Users with New Galaxy Tab S Ad

Samsung’s at it again! After the first round of advertisements which call Apple iPhone users wall huggers, the manufacturing behemoth now takes aim at the iPad. In its latest advertisements for the Galaxy Tab S, Samsung has chosen to take aim at the iPad’s lack of multitasking and the “poor” display on the iPad. Using a baby and father to highlight the usefulness of the Multi-window feature in the Galaxy Tab S, who end up sharing a screen watching an animated feature and a sports game at the same time. In addition, the advertisement also highlights the SideSync 3.0 which mirrors the whole phone on the screen of the Galaxy Tab S.

In the second advertisement, Samsung chose to highlight its SuperAMOLED display and its 100,000:1 contrast ratio. It puts the iPad to shame by showing two friends watching the same footage with a character hidden in the dark which was visible on the Galaxy Tab S’s SuperAMOLED display but not on the iPad’s LCD Display.

The manufacturer has always been one to highlight its superiority but in its recent slew of advertisements, Samsung has taken aim very directly at Apple and its products. This started initially with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 when the behemoth started with its “the Next big thing is already here” campaign poking fun at consumers who line up for the iPhone’s release. However, its recent commercials have been coy to say the least.

Source: Samsung (2) [Youtube] via MacRumours

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