Pick-up a Gift For Your Loved One this Valentine’s With 11street

Darwin Sucipto

the other co-founder and managing editor of techENT. He’s our resident “on-the-fence” tech enthusiast who settles the score between Android and iOS debates. He has a background in Business…. so expect numbers and marketing talk from him. He’s also a nerd when it comes to cars and paintball. He’s the brains behind most of the features that you’ll be seeing here on the site. He’s an all round joker.Get to know him better on social media.

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7 Responses

  1. acyq says:

    I’ve been on Tribus for two and half years now and continue to gain lots of weight even on caloric controlled diet ,my breasts also enlarged?

  2. Hands down the most amazing album I’ve ever heard. Moved to a new city and this has literally become the soundtrack of my life.

  3. a607 says:

    i was bumping these tracks this past summer going on road trips through beautiful Nova Scotia. Such an amazing blend of sounds.

  4. Dayum… these remixes are amazing. Congratulations mate.

  5. 80r9 says:

    I’m 5 months pregnant and HIV positve .I’ve started treatment ( Astreslawin tablets) while I found out at 3 months of my pregnancy .I’m experiencing diarrhea ,is this not gonna affect my unborn child or cause miscarriage.

  6. 8hd4 says:

    Get well soon Kuya Germs except BINAY.

  7. 3rnk says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for the updates n photos.

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