Motorola Moto X+1 Boot Animation Appears on YouTube

Motorola’s upcoming follow up to the widely successful Moto X, the Motorola Moto X+1, seems to be a victim of information leakage with leaks popping up everywhere, even the manufacturer’s own website. It looks like the soon to be Lenovo owned company has forgotten to plug another leak allowing the boot animation of the Moto X+1 leak onto YouTube.

As has been their tradition since the launch of the  Moto X, the boot animation for the Moto X+1 has the Motorola logo changing into various circular objects including a tomato. We’re not to sure of the authenticity of the footage but the fact that the device in the video is covered in watermarks is compelling, not to mention the big “MOTOROLA CONFIDENTIAL PROPERTY” engraving on the bottom of the device.

The device is expected to debut later this year and the source promises another 4 more videos of the Moto X+1. We’ll have to wait if we get to see the device in all its glory.

Source: TK Tech News

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