Moto X+1 Learns How to be Coy, Takes a Selfie

If the frequency of leaks were an indication of when a device would release, the Motorola made Moto X+1 would be a candidate for release really soon. The boot screen of the Moto X+1 was previously leaked by TK Tech News on YouTube. In the video, they teased that the boot animation of the Moto X+1 was just leak 1 of 5. It seems like they are keeping their word. They have just released a video recording sample taken with the Moto X+1 camera. The video is said to be recorded at 4K resolution, something increasingly in all flagship devices. However, given that YouTube doesn’t stream in 4K, we can’t vouch for the video.

Also leaked, this time on Instagram by the same source, is a picture of the front of the device which looks uncannily similar to the Moto X albeit a seemingly bigger screen. There is also a video of the device performing in real time, the screen is beautiful and performance seem to be smooth!  The device is likely to come with the Moto Maker features which have been one of the hallmark feature of the Moto X in addition to its dedicated speech recognition processor.

Moto X+1 Leak2
Source: tktechnews; Instagram

Source: TK Tech News (Youtube) (2) (3), tktechnews (Instagram)

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