Moto 360 gets Wireless Charging

  • Moto-360-Smartwatch-Press-Heros-004-1280x740
  • Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-044-1280x720
  • Moto-360-Smartwatch-Promo-Screenshot-Screencap-045-1280x720
  • moto-360-wireless-charging
  • moto-360-wireless-charging-200x135
  • moto-360-wireless-charging-1

Nur Jeevan Guna Segar

An avid tech enthusiast and passionate about what comes next. Jeevan has been entwined in tech since he was in high school and has a background in Medical Bioscience. He's passionate about tech and more importantly what benefits can come from it.

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