5.5-inch iPhone 6 Compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It’s a rare occurrence when a yet to be released device such as the iPhone 6 gets compared to a current device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. YouTube user TechSmartt has, however, managed to get a mock of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 with the design specifications believed to be used in the upcoming device and has done a video comparison with the Galaxy Note 3.

The differences are few, but one that sticks out, literally, is the height of the iPhone 6 which seems to be taller than the flagship phablet by Samsung. The major height difference is said to be mainly due to the design language being carried over from the standard iPhone design to the upcoming phablet brother. The device will carry the same top and bottom bezels that we all know on the iPhone where the FaceTime camera, home button and other sensors are.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the design of the mock they had access to carries on to the actual device due for release sometime in the next few months.

Source: TechSmartt  via MacRumors

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