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Hands-On the Samsung Galaxy S10+

The most anticipated device of the first half of 2019 is finally unveiled to the world with March availability! It is none other than the Samsung Galaxy S10+. Launched together with the Samsung Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10, this one is the bigger version of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

It is not just a blown up Samsung Galaxy S10 though. The top-of-the-range galaxy S device boasts bigger storage option in a 512GB memory and should perform better in multitasking thanks to 8GB of RAM. It packs a larger battery than the S10 as well for an improved battery life and all-around better performance.

Pre-orders for the Samsung flagship family starts on the 22nd February 2019 all the way to the end of February on the 28th. Malaysia gets the device the Friday right after the end of February, on the 1st of March. Yes, that also means we are getting our hands on the device seven days before the United States. Pre-ordering this device also means that you get to get your hands-on the Samsung Galaxy Watch for free. The Samsung Galaxy Watch will set you back MYR1,299 mind you.

Of course the screen is larger than the Galaxy S10. The Infinity-O display though houses two front-facing cameras instead of a single lens for an even better photo taking experience on top of the UHD video capability out of the front-facing cameras. Of course you still get the great triple camera set up like the Samsung Galaxy S10. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ device starts at MYR3,699 for the 128GB + 6GB version and will set you back MYR4,399 for the top-end 512GB + 8GB version. This is really the device to get if you cannot accept compromise and when you have to own the latest and greatest in the market.

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