Google Gets the World Cup 2014 Fever!

In two days, the much awaited World Cup 2014 will commence and if you’re a junkie like me, I’ve got amazing news for you! Google has caught the World Cup fever as well!

A couple of days back Google updated the World Cup information to Google Now so we could get up to date scores and information on our favourite teams like Germany or Spain, just pointing out these teams. The teams will show up as a card when you search for them which made it easy for us to be kept in the loop but now, Google has made it even more simple by adding national team to the cards available on Google Now. If you’re a crazy fan, you can even manually add your teams by entering the customized menu.

If that’s not enough, you can on top of that add the World Cup calendar into your own Google Calendar so you know what matches when. Log in with your ID into calendar.google.com and add the following URL into the other calendars drop down:


The calendar will set itself to your local time as well. And that’s it! Time to get your phones, popcorn and favourite jerseys and we’re set.

I can’t wait! That reminds me, I have to update my Google calendar as well!

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