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techENT was founded in March of 2014 by our two, resident jokesters: Darwin and Jeevan. They were sitting, having coffee in a cafe in Cheras talking about everything under the sun and stumbled upon a weird problem: their parents couldn’t understand the tech articles that they loved. So, they decided to start work on techENT to help bridge that gap. In April 2014, the first post was uploaded to techENT. It’s been up and running since then.

So, you’re not that tech savvy and you’re looking for information on the latest technology and gadgets, well, you’ve come to the right place! techENT is the brainchild of two people who have faced similar problems when looking for information. Not to say that both are tech illiterate, but it was a challenge for one of us who was not as tech savvy as the rest. So, we decided that we’ll start up something to cater to both sides of the coin: the tech savvy and those discovering tech for the first time.

The name came about thanks to J.R.R. Tolkein’s marvelous universe of Middle Earth. The Ents are a noble, aged race of creatures and we want techENT to become that for you: a place where you can come, interact and learn about technology or the many other topics we will cover. These include business tech, mobile technology, wearables and so much more.

In a nut shell, we created techENT to allow you to discover and understand technology; and eventually fall in love with this phenomenon that has become a constant in our lives. If you like our stuff please do let us know on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our YouTube!

Jeevan 2018 about profile

Nur Jeevan Guna Segar

Jeevan is our resident android enthusiast and also a nazi when it comes to english. He has a background in medical sciences, so expect some future updates on advances on medical technology.

He’s also the one who plans most of our publications in advance. He’s a bubbly, round person with an interest for anything regarding tech and science.

Some of the people that inspired him to pursue tech reporting are Jon Rettinger (TechnoBuffalo), Joshua Vergara, John Pozadzides and Luria Petrucci a.k.a Cali Lewis.

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Darwin 2018 About Progfile

Darwin Sucipto

Darwin is our resident “on-the-fence” tech enthusiast who settles the score between Android and iOS debates. He has a background in Business – so expect numbers and marketing talk from him. He’s also a nerd when it comes to cars and paintball.

He’s the brains behind most of the features that you’ll be seeing here on the site.

Unsatisfied with what he saw in the market, he is also one of the driving forces behind the way we do things here at techENT.

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