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Celcom Xpax EasyPhone – Now You Can Get a Smartphone on Prepaid Plans

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  1. mii says:

    good news!

  2. Tom says:

    How legit is this? Anyone who tried the plan can confirm they don’t have any hidden charges? Because seems too good to be true, lowest at RM74 per month and get approval within 15 minutes? Wow.

    1. Justin says:

      I think the only extra thing that you need to pay is the interest per month since it is count as loan under Aeon but other than that everything since good. Can consider to get it if you are more into prepaid rather than postpaid.

      1. Chris says:

        Interest seems to be way much higher than credit card.. If you have aeon credit card would be at a better rate. It seems. Prepaid is still a thing??

        1. Tom says:

          Yeah, some people still prefer to use prepaid nowadays even though mostly had switched to postpaid already. Prepaid has its own advantage also since you can carry forward your balance to the next month which applies to the bonus RM30 credit given by Xpax also.

  3. justhin says:


    1. Chris says:

      It looks so simple the way to apply for it. I wonder is it really that simple. I guess you dont have to have a credit card to apply. But whats the term and condition? Hidden fee??

      1. Michelle says:

        Just get the documents and submit. Its up to xpax and the credit company to approve. Hidden fee i think there is a service charge on the credit card company. if not wrong around RM80. I read their term and condition. Do that before you reply.

      2. Tom says:

        The application process is really easy where you can just submit the documents online without having to hand in over to the working staffs personally. After 2 or 3 working days they will contact you if your application was approved. This is to encourage more people to apply for it.

  4. Xmark says:

    new things, prepaid instalment plans. planing for the i7 plus + protection plan, with 24 months of pay i can make full settlement if i have extra budget but postpaid can’t be that.

    1. Karen says:

      at the end of the day. If you have the means to pay for this. Why not go for it. Just for the protection plan you could save abit if you take care you phone.

      1. Jia Hui says:

        Yeah but I think it is worth buying the protection plan if you can afford it since it’s just RM23 per month but for that small amount of money you will feel more secure in case anything happens right? Better be safe than sorry.

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