Celcom Offers More This Raya with Mak Kata & EasyPhone

celcom mak kata group
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  1. nelson mandela says:

    not bad celcom …

    1. Hatika says:

      Eh… Got this promotion?? Did not notice had this. Got notice? Need get their data plan?? I plan to get one soon

      1. Xiao bing says:

        I think its better if you check out their website for the total term and condition. Sometimes people tends to make mistake because they do not read the term.

      2. alynn says:

        actually celcom had notice this promotion with the xpax promotion because they do some comparison on the both you can have a look from the celcom website to get more information

        1. Pink Shark says:

          Xpax is not under celcom?? They are the same just celcom does postpaid and xpax is their prepaid channel if i am not wrong. But their promotions for this raya one not ending this month right? Because kinda would be late before i change to a new sim.

  2. lemonnade says:

    not only celcom have doing promotion on hari raya…but other telco also doing promotion on their plan
    so i suggest that those whom are likely to change their plan better do the survey which plan is affordable for them

    1. Hotlink says:

      Xpax raya promotion is the best among others so far, but their line down last time. Ady lost faith to thm..

      1. iman93 says:

        actually i agree with what you saying..i also love xpax plan because the line is stable for use in village area as other telco line is like the shit…some more xpax are giving double quota of internet to the xpax user i think this would be affordable price to other xpax user to subcrised it

        1. Hatika says:

          Affordable for students also. Now adays students tends to use internet more than the parents. But if they give constantly different promotions. I bets lots of user will go for them. For me what really caught my eyes would be the lazada voucher.

      2. Fishing says:

        Well, technical issue can be occur in anytime. But at least they tried hard to get it fix within 2 days. At least 4G can still accessible on last time.

  3. Pink Shark says:

    Thinking of using xpax… But quite lazy to go to find their counter. Would it be possible to change online? Xpax constantly giving freebies and promotions rite?

    1. Grimory says:

      Nope, Umobile give freebies more often than Xpax.
      Xpax seldom offer freebies

    2. Kei Min says:

      can apply online for porting, but service is very slow.
      I got to wait 7 hours for activate

      1. Fishing says:

        Hmm, U porting during peak hour or peak season?
        Last time I apply online porting only take me around 10 minutes.

    3. kristina says:

      yeah..xpax are doing promotion and giving freebies ti the xpax user until 31 july
      while freebies which giving to the xpax user is freebies raya included late night internet, ladaza voucher, raya lebih-lebih and chit chat you can choose one freebies from the three freebies are given..harry up to sign up before too late

      1. Hatika says:

        Wait… So im able to get them but i only are able to choose one only?? Thats too bad… How do i get it… I guess i have to do something or buy something or download something rite? But overall I think its quite a good deal… thumbs up!

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