Be More Walla with Celcom Xpax

Nur Jeevan Guna Segar

An avid tech enthusiast and passionate about what comes next. Jeevan has been entwined in tech since he was in high school and has a background in Medical Bioscience. He's passionate about tech and more importantly what benefits can come from it.

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15 Responses

  1. noel robert says:

    good offer for the xpax users !!!

  2. is says:

    not bad ……

  3. Raplph says:

    Hmmm….Is there any additional attractions of this plan??
    ’cause it’s newly released, so i think it will be some good deals…

  4. Jane says:

    Is the line of Celcom or (XPAX) reliable? and stable ?
    cause I will be taking a stable line more than a faster speed…

  5. Azrinah says:

    i also got heard about this xpax walla and i am feelinq lazy to go through this article also .. what plan is that actually ????? @@

    • Ks says:

      It’s a add-on that gives subscribers extra data to stream music or movies/videos. For celcom and xpax users….The price is between RM1~RM7
      Try checking this video out:

  6. Salehi Normad says:

    seems like a good deal, but I guess the connectivity will be slower than normal.

    • NithuLa says:

      the connectivity slow than normal means what use to subscribe this plan ? @@ better just go for the postpaid line will get the stable connectivity and more data also .

      • jeff says:

        yalor, i think postpaid plan hv sufficient data, no need to buy additional video data,
        somemore the walla data only can use either for streaming music or video online tru specific apps only.

        • Penny says:

          This app is realesed by XPAX which is a prepaid company, so this is aim to serve the prepaid customers, but they opened for First postpaid to let them can get to subscribe this plan also…..
          This is just an add-on

  7. Conroy Chan says:

    This is indeed very useful for me. I do always stream music and video online, even u don’t download it, u just can stream whenever u want . some say the connectivity is unstable, but it works fine for me, #KL area.

  8. Fly says:

    Whoo! I just subscribed this plan! can be more walla walla here nw ,less price with more quota for videos n music …really worth it , xoxox ^^

  9. Kenji Lam says:

    i’m easily got attracted with this offer this time, straight subscribed and enjoying the service now.

  10. Bryan Lee says:

    thanks celcom and techent for the awesome news! I loving this promo now! hope theres more to come! unlimteddd…

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