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the other co-founder and managing editor of techENT. He’s our resident “on-the-fence” tech enthusiast who settles the score between Android and iOS debates. He has a background in Business…. so expect numbers and marketing talk from him. He’s also a nerd when it comes to cars and paintball. He’s the brains behind most of the features that you’ll be seeing here on the site. He’s an all round joker.Get to know him better on social media.

Unboxing The HUAWEI Y9 Prime

We got the HUAWEI Y9 Prime at our office door. Naturally, we had to unbox the new device. Keep in mind that the unit we unboxed is not a Malaysia unit as you can see from the power adapter. The…

Xiaomi Mi 9T vs The World

The smartphone market is competitive. There are even two separate segments in this market. The first one is the budget conscious one, they want something as budget friendly as possible but remain functional and good enough for their daily use.…

Samsung Galaxy A70 In-Depth Review – Just Another Good Smartphone

If you had a Samsung smartphone, mid-range onward you would testify to some very good user experience with the South Korean brand. Their rise to the top of the smartphone food chain does not happen by accident if you think…

ASUS VivoBook 15 A512 In-Depth Review – Good Looks, Value For Money

The market for notebook PC is quite crowded these days. There is a solution to everything, or at least an offering for everything that you need. Super-light, super-thin, super-portable; you have the exquisitely made ultrabooks. They can be quite expensive…

The Day Malaysia Grinds to A Halt – T-1 Day to The New e-Hailing Regulations

We all saw it coming, the day when Malaysia stops moving. The 12th of July, 2019 is also the day that the Malaysian government starts implementing their brand new e-hailing regulations. The new regulations outlines that you and I, the…

Lazada’s Mid-Year Festival Is Here! More Promo, More Functions!

We all have our own favourite past times. We do our own things to fill up our time when we get bored or we run out of things to do. There is one thing that we all do in common…

Linksys Velop Whole-Home Mesh WiFi In-Depth Review – Internet For the Whole Home

The Linksys Velop Whole-Home mesh router is one of Linksys newest solution to your home’s WiFi coverage. It sets you back MYR 1,790, but is it worth it?

A Busy Year Ahead for The Other PC Chip Maker AMD

AMD is pushing for 2019 to be a bigger year than before for Malaysia. We sat down with them to talk about 2019 and what they hold in store for Malaysia.

OPPO Reno Sunset Rose Rises in Malaysia

The OPPO Reno was launched last month wtih two colour options; Ocean Green and Jet Black. There is now a third colour; Sunset Rose selling at MYR 1,999.

An Extended Peace of Mind with HUAWEI

Buying electronic devices these days are normal. Each time you buy an electronic device too, the most sensible thing for you to ask your vendor as well is the warranty program that the manufacturer or shop offers for each of…