Google Releases Video Explaining the Design Philosophy of Android Wear

Google’s annual developers’ conference, Google I/O, is happening in a few days. It’s expected that the conference will bring a new version of the mobile platform, Android, in addition to improvements and changes to Google’s many platforms including Chrome OS. However, in addition to all the usual bells and whistles, the upcoming conference is also expected to see the launch of Google’s Wearables optimized version of its popular mobile platform, Android Wear.

It seems like Google’s wants developers and also their consumers to understand the design philosophies behind the choices they made in their wearables optimised Android Wear. The video talks about how current mobile devices running their Android OS or otherwise are not optimised for wearables and how their upcoming Android Wear will not be application focused. They also go into developer details of the platform detailing the ease of coding and implementation in Android Wear.

Android Wear is looking to be more and more compelling as an operating system for wearables. If all the features seen in the teaser video of Android Wear can be implemented, it’ll be one to contend with any of the current platforms, Tizen OS and the upcoming iWatch included. Not forgetting the variety of devices we’ll be seeing with the platform from the Motorola Moto 360, Samsung’s Gear Wear and not forgetting the LG G Watch which are all expected to land this week.

Source: Google Developers (YouTube)  via XDA-Developers

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