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An avid tech enthusiast and passionate about what comes next. Jeevan has been entwined in tech since he was in high school and has a background in Medical Bioscience. He's passionate about tech and more importantly what benefits can come from it.

Samsung wants to talk about health

Samsung has just announced an event on the 28th of May in San Francisco to discuss health. There has so far been no further information from the behemoth company on the event but the timing seems poised to pre-empt an…

Motorola Teases “Device Priced for All” at May 13th Events

Motorola Mobility has been creating waves with their recent releases over the past year starting with their flagship MotoX showing consumers that the best smartphone experience need not come from the beastly specifications we are used to and their MotoG…

Welcome to techENT!

Welcome to techENT! So, you’re not that tech savy and you’re looking for information on the latest technology and gadgets, well, you’ve come to the right place! techENT is the brainchild of three people who have faced similar problems when…